Our Story


Bellarine Distillery was established in 2015 and is the first Distillery on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Bellarine Distillery was established in 2015 and is the first Distillery on the Bellarine Peninsula and the first in the greater Geelong region since the closure of Corio Distillery in the 1980’s. 

The idea originated - as most great ideas do - after a couple of alcoholic beverages. Having visited Scotland in 2012 and the romance of the highlands, the concept of starting our own distillery seemed like a good idea.

It took a further 3 years to take delivery of our 1st Still “Ronald” then another 3 to complete work on our cellar door and open to the public.




We discovered the property which now hosts “The Whiskery”- cellar door for Bellarine Distillery in 2014: The property had been owned by a farming family for over 60 years. The farm previously ran as a chicken farm and very early on Cobb and Co coaches used the dam at the front of the property as they passed through to Portarlington.

The land has a plethora of mature fruit trees including some heritage apple variety’s no longer available. The fertile black soil of the foothills provides rich ground for planting’s. Being at the foot of 3 valleys ensures that the environment receives plenty of water flow and the large trees which line the border of the property provide a natural barrier to harsher conditions.

We are hoping to have our own juniper plantation with the small plants currently being propagated. In time we will also harvest our own lemon Myrtle.


Russ Watson


If it wasn’t for the Aussie accent you would have thought he had crawled out of the Scottish Highlands. 

Russ has always enjoyed a wee dram or 10 and has spent most of his life accidentally researching whisky through this habit. In the last few years Russ has spent some time down in Tassie learning as much as he can from some of Australia’s greatest distillers. He has been honing his craft back home sharing his discoveries with a select few up until this point and is now ready to share these with the world.